Hello, My Name is Scott!

So, Beth, my Propaganda Minister, told me we need to do a blog. Eight months ago. Every week or so since we’ve touched base, discussed titles, authors, upcoming events, the blog. We chat about places we’ve traveled, politics, the state of the economy, the state of Main Street Rag’s business, the blog.

And here we are. I can now say I’m a blogging fool (along with 100 million others). So, what will make a Main Street Rag blog different? For one thing, nowhere else can you get any fresher information about what’s going on at Main Street Rag Publishing Company.

But wait, there’s more. We’re not just a publisher. We’re writers first. We’re people who work at what we do every day like anyone else. We like politics and getting our hands dirty. We don’t mind getting rowdy when the occasion calls for it.

Today I just thought I’d say, “Hello. My name is Scott. I run a publishing company. Sometimes I write. You can find me (or a reasonable facsimile) here every other week. Please stop by to say, Hey.”

I can hear the PM from here: Give them some Main Street Rag news!!!

If you insist.

First, the deadline for the 2013 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award (contest) is this coming Thursday. If you wanted to enter and haven’t yet, you’re cutting it close. Details can be found: http://www.mainstreetrag.com/PoBkCont.html

Second, MSR suffered a computer crash Monday, January 21 and I’m still picking up the pieces. We don’t appear to have lost anything, but we can’t access everything at this time. Unfortunately, one of the casualties was the mailing list for the MSR Monthly Newsletter. It won’t be functional for at least a few weeks. I will post the newsletter on the website with access from the home page, but I won’t be able to mail direct links to subscribers until the new computer is up and running.

That’s it for now. You can run off to read the other 100 million. Next time I’ll save up and spill a little cleverness into this bloggy thingy.

M. Scott Douglass
Main Street Rag